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Success always comes with an abundant amount of stress. Between power breakfasts and late night cocktails, you've got to make decisions. You must have dreamt of a little tranquility, where you can stretch both, body and mind.

Your dream come's true at L'AMICALE. Essentially it is a Leisure Club that goes beyond the conventional. It offers a complete spectrum of facilities, right from indulging in some invigorating sports to entertaining your guests. L'AMICALE offers you the space and freedom to let you to relax-just the way you want.

Your getaway to an oasis of tranquilty is here!
L’ AMICALE, The Global Leisure Club is well within the Chennai city limits, just a KM from Chennai Trade Centre, the business hub of the city, making your getaway absolutely easy. L’AMICALE spread over an area of 3.5 acres. It is an ideal place to unwind from your stressful routine.
Going beyond the conventional club.
L’AMICALE provides you the space and freedom that you’ve always dreamt of. It gives you the perfect opportunity to cut loose from the shackles of your daily routine and enjoy tranquility unseen and unheard. Membership to the prestigious club L'AMICALE is in high demand in the corporate circle. Be it a personal weekend getaway or the Corporate Business meeting L’AMICALE plays the perfect host to desired facilities.
L'AMICALE has affiliation with more than 180 prestigious clubs all over India and you can enjoy the facilities in all of them by becoming a member of L'AMICALE. There are many more club affiliations both in India and abroad are in the pipeline.
So come and join the hub of leisure.
Seize the moment before it’ too late!